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Joshua Martinez Arkansas, United States
May 12, 2021 06:06

This sword was the 2nd sword I've purchased from here. I ordered this one for my brother and had it sent directly to him, so I don't have a photo of the sword. But he video called me to show me. Oh my goodness! Photos on here really do not do these swords justice! These swords are breathtaking and incredibly well made. I definitely plan on purchasing one for myself next!

Handmade High Manganese Steel Blue Blade Flame Theme Japanese Katana Samurai Swords With Black Scabb
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Abas Keyse Washington, United States
May 09, 2021 09:48

Sharper than I expected, impressed my friends and family.

Handmade Gold Flower Tsuba Japanese Samurai Sword
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Zachary Strankman Washington, United States
Apr 22, 2021 00:29

My sword came quickly and was EXACTLY what I anticipated. I don’t know too much about buying katanas online; but from what I’ve researched and seen, and based on what I received is the best. They have an unrivaled selection of swords to choose from and each one is put together with care and top notch craftsmanship. Would not hesitate to buy again. In fact, already looking for my next purchase on this website. These katanas are legit and as sharp out of the box as u can imagine. Highly, highly recommended. 10/10

The Walking Dead Michonne Katana Real Japanese Samurai Swords
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David Cooper New York, United States
Apr 18, 2021 08:43

I'm no katana expert, however the katana sword by "True Katana" has a quality feel and look to it. The handle wrapping is tight and the fittings are nice. The blade is SHARP and LIVE. "IT WILL CUT". Delivery was pretty fast.

Handmade Clay Tempered T10 Steel Katana Samurai Swords With Red Rayskin Saya Real Copper Tsuba
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Shaheed Gaston North Carolina, United States
Apr 17, 2021 16:13

Was a wonderful product definitely worth the money shipment was a breeze ironically a day before my birthday so will be definitely ordering another soon thank you 😊💯

Handmade High Manganese Steel Skull Theme Full Tang Sharpened Real Japanese Ninjato Ninja Swords
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Sherry Lynn Green California, United States
Apr 10, 2021 18:38

The katana I ordered is absolutely beautiful. I love it.

Handmade Gold Tsuba Real Katana Japanese Samurai Swords
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Dylan Baca Colorado, United States
Apr 06, 2021 14:39

Absolutely love the sword! Fast and easy checkout! Plus great quality! Now it’s time to start the collection 🙃🙃

Handmade Spring Steel Real Japanese Ninjato Ninja Swords With Blue Scabbard
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Cody Gedeon Ohio, United States
Mar 31, 2021 07:55

Very quick delivery especially continental. Very good packaging and very solid build. Very happy with this purchase.

Kirin Peony Style Tsuba Handmade Real Katana Japanese Samurai Swords With Natural Wood Scabbard
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Willow Wagner Michigan, United States
Mar 25, 2021 06:29

Beautiful piece of artwork. My Katana came just as advertised.

Handmade Waves And Fish Style Tsuba Katana Samurai Swords With Black Scabbard
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Keith W Fox Illinois, United States
Mar 02, 2021 17:11

Beautiful sword.just took a few weeks to get. Very happy with it.

Real Damascus Steel Red Blade Japanese Katana Samurai Swords With Snake Scabbard
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