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I really like this sword. Although I am not a sword expert, but this is a great piece of work. I could see myself getting this as a gift to someone in the future.
When I got my cold steel sword nothing was loose or shaky and the blade was sharp enough to slice through paper easily yes if you hit a few things with this it would not break it is a sturdy battle ready weapon
P Purcell
This is one sweet blade! The balance and feel in your hand is awesome. I hesitated on this before buying but couldn't be happier with the purchase. All the Cold Steel quality that I expect and more!
Ngo Gia Bao
A beautiful sword. Very well made and razor sharp. This was made by someone who really knows what they are doing. Not a toy, but a genuine, well crafted weapon!
Excellent practice sword. Very well done. I knew I would at least like from other reviews but I really love using it. Unlike many other practice swords this is made as if it were real but with practice materials.
Excellent packaging. Almost overkill with 3 layers. Arrived nearly flawless. A well balanced Iaido for a beginner. The Habaki was a little loose and the tsuba sits slightly off perpendicular because of that. But for the price, especially during Prime Day.
I was very impressed with the quality of this sword. It was well made with no warping of the blade and beautifully balanced. The maker used quality materials. It was also very well packed for shipping with a protective layer of oil over the blade. I bough
Boyd Augustine
The sword came in faster than expected, and met my high expectations. It is razor sharp, there are no knicks, and it feels as if it was built to last. In my opinion, this sword is worth the money.
Kurtis Daniels
Great sword wonderful detail and quality. If you intend to swing it around or actially practice Kendo DO NOT buy a cheaper version. This is fuly practical. I have cheaper Bill and Bud swords that are very nice for display but useless and built backwards.
well ,,,,, we are going to , have to add a star to this evaluation ,, processI am very pleased with this product and I would recommend it to anyone interested in a beautiful swordnot quite as sharp as some but,,,, stil
Laura Miller
Recieved the sword and was impressed by the feel of it and the construction. But I decided to customize it with a new tsuba. So I bought a tsuba and a cleaning kit. But it seems that the pegs are glued in and you can't disassemble it for proper cleaning a
Tim S.
This is a nice training weapon. I was rather skeptical when I placed my order with the thought that I would return it if it does not have the balance that it should have but I was pleasantly surprised. I do recommend it for a student on a budget.
Very nice sword for a fair price. Blade has very clean steel, no blemishes, cracks, or visible seems from making. Blade is not quite straight has barely noticeable warp towards the end. Otherwise very nice product overall. Good buy.
Ofelia Cardona
Very pleased with the overall quality of this weapon! It's light (important when my tendonitis flares up) and slides freely from the saya, which allows me to focus on my technique without having to worry about the blade dragging or getting stuck as occasi
Forest Golson
As you can see from the pictures Handmade Swords put great effort into making this as realistic as possible...even down to the sword maker's signature on the tang. Disassembly was a bit difficult, but it allowed me to make minor adjustment to the tsuba a
Gregory Walker
This is a very safe replica and the metal will even flex a bit. No blade, no point but well weighted and exactly what is needed for training with shuko!
Stashia Hajduk
Sword as described with an edge. Only problem is slides out of scabbard to easy. Doesn't lock in as securely as I expected.
Stacy Doyle
Product came extremely early, in fact, a week early than expected and came in beautifully. Of course, there was the oil the blade upon unsheathing. But just looking at the scabbard was amazing, the spread of the red paint on it, so pretty. Blade came in u
Armando Barahona
This is a sturdy katana, thicker than most blades used for tatami cutting. It is alo heavier and takes some practice to get used to, but when you are used to it, it slices through tatami mats like it is air! Very happy with it, so far no bend in it, while
Best purchase I have ever made this sword saved my life when 3 ninjas decided to break in my house last week lucky I bought this sword a few weeks ago wouldn't be here today if I never made this purchase.
I was amazed in the care that was applied to the packaging of this sword. My son, who is a beginner in Iaido, loves it. The shipping was handled very professionally. Pricing was very reasonable. Thank you !
I am incredibly satisfied with this beautiful katana! The craftsmanship and quality are leagues above what I would expect for this price range. I dare say I have found my soul of samurai!
It is perfect came right on time hands down precision quality, would advise anyone searching for the real crafted sword this is ok be them
I just received this last night, the item was very well packaged and it looked even better then I thought it would. I'm so excited to give this to my husband on his birthday. Tested the blade as well, it was very sharp and not too heavy. Overall I am very
Very happy. thanks. the katana is great. very good fitting and tight assembly good colors and sharp. will be buying a second or more...
Fast Shipping, She loved it !! Said was very well made made at a hellva price. Very well packaged and protected can't say enough good about y'all:-)
Awesome sword! The packaging was very good. I am very impressed with the sword and will recommend it to everyone! It was very cool that the blade came pre-sharpened. Eventually I will get the rest of the Kill Bill swords as well.
Luis Cypher
The blade fits tightly in the scabbard, no rattle, the fittings appear to be a non-magnetic alloy (blackened brass, perhaps), but everything from the sword collar and hand guard down through the handle is solid, maybe a touch overbuilt as far as thickness
Steve Bailey
We got this katana as a graduation gift for our 14 yr old son who has been asking for one for a few years. He absolutely loves the workmanship and says the balance of the swords is great.
Iman Abouelazm
No blade wiggle, razor sharp, and seems to be robust. Also looks quite nice too, a nice display piece. I'm sure you can cut smaller diameter bamboo/fruit but thus isnt a machete and shouldn't be used to trim hedges or rough brush ??

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