Handmade Full Tang Wakizashi Sword Manganese Steel With Red Blade
Full Tang Blade Wakizashi
Red Blade Wakizashi
Sharp-edged Blade Wakizashi
Black Cord Handle Wakizashi
Pu Red Samegawa Wakizashi
Premium Natural Lacquer Saya Wakizashi
Red Saya Wakizashi
Mix-color Saya Wakizashi
Hardwood Saya Wakizashi
Iron Tsuba Wakizashi

Handmade Full Tang Wakizashi Sword Manganese Steel With Red Blade

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  • Manganese steel full tang blade with red hue
  • Black cord handle with pu red samegawa
  • Red hardwood saya with premium natural lacquer
  • Iron tsuba with exquisite patterns
Handmade by seasoned sword-smiths.Handmade by seasoned sword-smiths.
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Introducing our expertly handcrafted Wakizashi sword, a magnificent blend of artistry, tradition, and functionality. This full-tang wonder is a symbol of the timeless skill of sword-making, where each component is meticulously crafted to serve its intended purpose while embodying unmatched aesthetic beauty. From the red-hued manganese steel blade to the exquisitely patterned iron tsuba, every aspect of this sword reflects a commitment to creating a functional weapon that is also an artistic masterpiece.

Key Features:
Manganese Steel Full Tang Blade with Red Hue:
The blade is the soul of this Wakizashi sword, forged from manganese steel, a material prized for its exceptional hardness and sharpness. The blade bears a striking red hue, a result of a special heat treatment process that not only enhances its visual appeal but also increases its resistance to corrosion. This sharp-edged blade is a testament to the craftsmanship and quality of the materials used in its creation.

Black Cord Handle with PU Red Samegawa:
The handle, or 'tsuka,' is decorated with PU red samegawa (imitation ray skin) and wrapped in black cord, creating a harmonious contrast of colors and textures. The PU red samegawa provides a textured surface for an enhanced grip, while the black cord wrapping adds an element of elegance and ensures a secure hold. With the full-tang construction, the blade and handle are seamlessly integrated, ensuring a balanced feel and solid structure.

Red Hardwood Saya with Premium Natural Lacquer:
The saya (scabbard) is a beautiful mix of colors, crafted from hardwood and coated with premium natural lacquer, resulting in a main red hue that complements the blade and handle. This not only serves to protect the blade and enhance the wood's natural beauty but also ensures the sword is securely housed when not in use. The lacquer coating also acts as a barrier against moisture, helping to preserve the blade's sharpness and prevent corrosion.

Iron Tsuba with Exquisite Patterns:
Completing this exquisite Wakizashi is the tsuba (guard), made of iron and featuring intricate patterns. The tsuba serves as a protective barrier for the hand while adding a touch of elegance and artistry to the overall design. The exquisitely detailed patterns on the tsuba showcase the skill and craftsmanship that goes into creating this beautiful sword.

The sharp-edged manganese steel blade with a red hue, the PU red samegawa and black cord-wrapped handle, the mix-colored saya with premium natural lacquer, and the iron tsuba with exquisite patterns all combine to create a sword that is both a functional weapon and a work of art. This Wakizashi sword is more than just a weapon; it is a reflection of the dedication and skill of the craftsmen who created it, and a prized possession for any collector or enthusiast.
  • Manganese steel full tang blade with red hue
  • Black cord handle with pu red samegawa
  • Red hardwood saya with premium natural lacquer
  • Iron tsuba with exquisite patterns
Item NumberTK-JP-G10692
Item Dimensions & Packaging
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Packing Size33.4 x 3.9 x 3.14 Inches
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Victor Skormin New York, United States
Jul 13, 2024 23:02

It is good for an old professor, should be good for a young dentist: will buy one for my son.
I see one problem - we have no enemies to fight :-)

Handmade Full Tang Wakizashi Sword Manganese Steel With Red Blade Handmade Full Tang Wakizashi Sword Manganese Steel With Red Blade