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Brown Wakizashi

TrueKatana offer you all kinds of handmade authentic brown wakizashi of all types such as red wakizashi, black wakizashi, blue wakizashi etc, With the only difference being in minute details on the sword as a whole. 9260 spring steel, black damascus steel, red carbon steel, brown cord handle, grey cord handle, snake scabbard,blue scabbard etc. Tsuba has torsion-fibre tsuba, sunflower tsuba, rabbit tsuba etc. You can cut little tree, bamboo, fine iron wire etc., Functionality to satisfy the needs of both the martial artist and the collector. We only carry the best brown wakizashi on the market and are well worth the money.

Customer Reviews


This sword is stunning. Sturdy construction and design, highly recommend.

Jul 17, 2019 14:37

Excellent quality for the remarkably low price for this sword

Aug 22, 2019 21:54
Mark D.  

Awesome Katana! You will be very happy with this sword. Sharp as a razor. Good quality.

Aug 05, 2019 05:00