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Handmade Japanese Katana Sword Damascus Steel With Blue Saya

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  • Damascus steel full tang blade with real hamon, hand forge, sharp-edged blade.
  • Blue cord handle with real white samegawa
  • Blue hardwood style saya with premium natural lacquer
  • Copper tsuba with dragon theme
  • Please note: the sword stand or holder is not included.
Handmade by seasoned sword-smiths.Handmade by seasoned sword-smiths.
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Introducing a masterpiece that perfectly blends the ancient art of sword making with modern craftsmanship: a handmade katana sword, a symbol of honor and precision. This full-tang sword, made with a high-performance Damascus steel blade, clay tempered with a real hamon, and a handle adorned with real white samegawa and blue cord wrap, is a true testament to the samurai's legacy.

Key Features:
Damascus Steel Full Tang Blade with Real Hamon:
The blade is the heart of this exquisite katana, crafted from high-quality Damascus steel, renowned for its durability and edge holding capabilities. Damascus steel is created by folding several layers of different types of metal, resulting in a blade with a unique pattern and an exceptional combination of hardness and flexibility. The blade is clay tempered, a process that involves coating the blade with a special clay mixture before heating and quenching, creating a real hamon, a beautiful wavy pattern along the edge of the blade. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the blade but also indicates a well-tempered blade.

Blue Cord Handle with Real White Samegawa:
The handle, or tsuka, is decorated with real white samegawa, or rayskin, and wrapped with a blue cord. Samegawa is a traditional material used in the making of Japanese swords, as it provides a firm grip and helps absorb sweat, preventing the sword from slipping out of the hand during use. The blue cord wrap, or tsukaito, is tightly woven around the handle, providing an additional layer of grip and enhancing the overall aesthetic of the sword.

Blue Hardwood Style Saya with Premium Natural Lacquer:
The saya, or scabbard, is made of hardwood and coated with a premium natural lacquer, resulting in a marble-style finish with a main blue hue. This not only protects the blade but also adds an element of beauty and elegance to the sword. The blue hue of the saya complements the blue cord wrap of the handle, creating a visually stunning piece.

Copper Tsuba with Dragon Theme:
The tsuba, or hand guard, is made of copper and features a dragon theme, a symbol of strength and power in Japanese culture. This intricate detail not only serves a practical purpose, protecting the hand from sliding onto the blade, but also adds to the overall beauty and aesthetic of the sword.

In conclusion, this handmade katana sword is not just a weapon, but a work of art that combines tradition with modern craftsmanship. The Damascus steel blade with its real hamon, the handle wrapped in white samegawa and blue cord, the marble-style saya with premium natural lacquer and blue hue, and the copper tsuba with a dragon theme, all come together to create a sword that is both functional and beautiful. This katana is a testament to the dedication and skill of the craftsman and a worthy addition to any collection.
  • Damascus steel full tang blade with real hamon, hand forge, sharp-edged blade.
  • Blue cord handle with real white samegawa
  • Blue hardwood style saya with premium natural lacquer
  • Copper tsuba with dragon theme
  • Please note: the sword stand or holder is not included.
Item NumberTK-JP-G10584
Primary ColorBlue
Primary MaterialPattern Steel
Item Dimensions & Packaging
Dimensions40.5 * 1.3 * 0.3 Inches
Weight2.9 Pounds
Packing Size43 x 4 x 4 Inches
Shipping Weight4.0 Pounds
Ship to Country Estimated Delivery Time
NG - Nigeria5 - 10 Business days
KW - Kuwait5 - 10 Business days
KE - Kenya5 - 10 Business days
JP - Japan5 - 10 Business days
VN - Viet Nam5 - 10 Business days
PG - Papua New Guinea5 - 10 Business days
OM - Oman5 - 10 Business days
ZA - South Africa5 - 10 Business days
RS - Serbia5 - 10 Business days
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SI - Slovenia5 - 10 Business days
TR - Turkey5 - 10 Business days
TH - Thailand5 - 10 Business days
CH - Switzerland5 - 10 Business days
SE - Sweden5 - 10 Business days
ES - Spain5 - 10 Business days
AE - United Arab Emirates5 - 10 Business days
SK - Slovakia5 - 10 Business days
QA - Qatar5 - 10 Business days
MA - Morocco5 - 10 Business days
MC - Monaco5 - 10 Business days
DZ - Algeria5 - 10 Business days
AL - Albania5 - 10 Business days
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