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Preis Unter 249 USD Ninjato

Whether you are a sword collector or a martial art practitioner, if you are looking for a Preis Unter 249 USD Ninjato that is a lot more than just a practice piece, you have come to the right place. Our swords are made of quality materials,each sword we make is handmade with care, fully functional, and capable of test cutting. Also if you are considering buying them as collections or gifts for your friends, That would be the best choice.

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Customer Reviews

Seth Burgess Iowa, United States
Jun 09, 2021 22:55

Gonna have to take it to a wet stone the sharpness isn’t all there, even if it’s a “display only” when people ask can it cut paper and it can’t cut paper and they look at me like: “How can a katana not cut paper easily?” But other than that very nice very nice.

Red High Performance Purple Printed Blade Japanese Katana Samurai Swords
 Verified Purchase
Ernesto Gomez Wisconsin, United States
Jun 05, 2021 09:51

Beautifull sword 😍 very sharp and excellent quality, it gave me 11 stitches and almost lost some fingers, will definilty be ordering more in the future😎. I would have gave 5 stars but the strap thats in the picture ripped off without me using much force but other than that, im glad with the purchase 🥷🏽

Handmade T10 Carbon Steel Sharpening Blade Japanese Katana Samurai Sword With Black Scabbard
 Verified Purchase
Karimeh Berrios California, United States
May 22, 2021 16:50

Got this as a gift for my partner. It is very beautiful and fits our needs as decor well.

Handmade High Manganese Steel Black Saya Sharpened Real Japanese Katana Samurai Swords
 Verified Purchase
Vanessa Pierce Georgia, United States
May 20, 2021 10:59

Very fast shipping item was purchased for my son's birthday and it got here before his birthday also before it said it was expected very nice katana my son loves it

One Piece Roronoa Zoro Wado Ichimonji Real Katana Samurai Sword Replica With White Scabbard
 Verified Purchase
Malik Vaughn Arizona, United States
May 20, 2021 07:55

Amazing quality metal work beautiful swords. I just wish u guys sold cleaning kits haha

Handmade Full Tang Carbon Steel Japanese Samurai Sword Katata
 Verified Purchase
Corey Justice Kentucky, United States
May 18, 2021 16:26

Looks beautiful, great weight and balance. It has a slight bend towards the tip but not enough to affect the cut. Overall, i’m very happy!🙂

Blue Katana, Handmade Blue Blade High Carbon Steel Real Japanese Samurai Swords
 Verified Purchase
Geraldine Milon-jones Maryland, United States
May 15, 2021 08:46

Was longer than I expected but very beautiful. I love the color.

Red High Performance Purple Printed Blade Japanese Katana Samurai Swords
 Verified Purchase
Arian Greene Michigan, United States
May 09, 2021 13:11

Fast shipping and true quality sword the sheath was a little loose but super happy with my purchase

Handmade T10 Carbon Steel Dragon Tsuba Real Hamon Japanese Samurai Katana Sword With White Scabbard
 Verified Purchase
Kyle Moyer Maryland, United States
May 08, 2021 21:05

I couldn't be happier with the Ninjato sword I ordered. The blade fits snugly into the Saya and the Saya is sound and sturdy. The Tsuka has a professional appeal and plays its part nicely in the overall sword character. The Ninjato came ridiculously sharp. The only thing that tops the quality of the T10 steel blade is how gorgeous the Hamon is. Not only is it real, but it is absolutely stunning. The sword arrived at my door in less than a week and in superb packaging. I look forward to my next purchase from Truekatana with great anticipation.
As far as cost, quality and delivery are concerned, Truekatana knocks it out of the park.
Thank you so very much.

Handmade Carbon Steel Japanese Ninjato Samurai Sword Ninja Sword Straight Katana
 Verified Purchase
Wayne Morgan New York, United States
Apr 20, 2021 01:55

I am very pleased with the sword. It’s appearance and workmanship are apparent.

Granite Theme Hand Forged Carbon Steel Real Hamon Short Katana Real Tanto Swords
 Verified Purchase