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Tactical Ninja Sword

Hometactical ninja sword

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Hometactical ninja sword

Tactical Ninja Sword

Whether you are a sword collector or a martial art practitioner, if you are looking for a tactical ninja sword that is a lot more than just a practice piece, you have come to the right place. Our swords are made of quality materials,each sword we make is handmade with care, fully functional, and capable of test cutting. Also if you are considering buying them as collections or gifts for your friends, That would be the best choice.

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Customer Reviews

Mohammad Talha Virginia, United States
Jul 20, 2021 22:10

Decent delivery timing but great great product. As advertised and is a solid sword.

Blue Katana Full Tang Blue Printed Blade Katana Japanese Samurai Swords
Verified Purchase
Timmy J Castaneda Washington, United States
Jul 07, 2021 12:50

It is a nice katana I was looking for the artist Initials on the blade but overall I love it it is bad ass like the blade color and the raping on it very beautiful thaxz I will order more from u guy .

Handmade 1045 Carbon Steel Red Blade And Flower Tsuba Real Japanese Katana Samurai Swords
Verified Purchase
Amelia Swords Qld, Australia
Jul 03, 2021 04:44

The blade was straight
The outside of the sheath was beautiful
My only 'huh' moment was the sheath opening where some paint and wood was chipped and flaky but a simple sanding would do wonders.
Overall, it is pretty awesome.
Lovely weight too
Might order another once I recover financially from the first purchase lol.

Handmade Waves And Fish Style Tsuba Katana Samurai Swords With Black Scabbard
Verified Purchase
Giovanny Duran Michigan, United States
Jul 01, 2021 17:22

Amazing came just like how it was in the pictures 100% would get more of these in the future

Handmade Spring Steel Black Blade Real Japanese Katana Samurai Swords With Black Scabbard
Verified Purchase
Kevin Stachovak Arizona, United States
Jun 22, 2021 01:06

Quite pleased with this blade. I have ordered multiple swords from Truekatana now and haven't been disappointed yet.

Fully Handmade High Performance Japanese Samurai Sword Real Katana
Verified Purchase
Nathan Graxirena Florida, United States
Jun 16, 2021 02:06

Shipping took a little longer then expected other then that sword came in and is freaking beautiful

One Piece Roronoa Zoro Sandai Kitetsu Katana Samurai Sword Replica With Red Scabbard
Verified Purchase
Shane Moore Florida, United States
Jun 11, 2021 21:32

I cannot recommend these swords enough! Within the first day of the ownership of a new tanto I had accidentally sliced through my leg requiring 13 staples. Not only did the doctors say it was the cleanest cut they had ever seen but it didn’t even bleed until I was in the car on the way to the ER. It’s a true testament to these swords quality and and ability I wish I could give them more gold stars.

Handmade Black Real Japanese Tanto Wakizashi Samurai Swords
Verified Purchase
Lance Fryback Indiana, United States
Jun 06, 2021 08:33

I gave this to my son as a graduation gift....he loves it!

Gold Dragon Katana Full Tang Real Japanese Samurai Swords
Verified Purchase
Jeffery Allen Forbes Indiana, United States
Jun 05, 2021 10:24

I'm very pleased with the craftsmanship and materials that were used to make my katana. Thankyou so much for each and every one of you for such a great job done! I display it proudly in my livingroom. I will consider to purchase another one later in the future. I will also recommend your business to my friends.

Handmade High Manganese Steel Blue Blade Real Japanese Katana Samurai Swords With Black Scabbard
Verified Purchase
Andrew Stark Indiana, United States
May 13, 2021 17:40

We love our Katana! It arrived before it said it was going to and was packaged well. It comes oiled and it looks fantastic. I highly recommend.

Handmade 1045 Carbon Steel Blue Blade Japanese Katana Samurai Sword With White Scabbard
Verified Purchase