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Whether you are a sword collector or a martial art practitioner, if you are looking for a beautiful tanto that is a lot more than just a practice piece, you have come to the right place. Our swords are made of quality materials,each sword we make is handmade with care, fully functional, and capable of test cutting. Also if you are considering buying them as collections or gifts for your friends, That would be the best choice.

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Customer Reviews

Cong Trang Hoang Missouri, United States
Jul 13, 2021 10:53

The sword looks awesome, packing is good. Will test it later.

Fully Handmade High Performance Japanese Samurai Sword Real Katana
Verified Purchase
Cory Kight Tennessee, United States
Jun 29, 2021 17:42

Fast shipping. Looks great. Thought it might come with a simple stand. It does not. Only reason it's 4 instead of 5

Handmade Gold Flower Tsuba Japanese Samurai Sword
Verified Purchase
Matthew Robles California, United States
Jun 21, 2021 18:54

The blade and scabbard were super cool, only thing wrong was the paint on some of the decal. Other than that, arrived fast and came in great condition.

Handmade 1045 Carbon Steel Red Blade Real Japanese Tanto Hamidashi Sword With Black Scabbard
Verified Purchase
Rachel Martinez New Mexico, United States
Jun 15, 2021 20:01

Looks exactly like the picture. Very beautiful. Picture is clear and the lightning on the blue sword is also beautiful. This is the second sword we purchased and I'm sure it's not our last.

High Manganese Steel Blue Blade Sharpening Japanese Katana Samurai Swords With White Scabbard
Verified Purchase
Darryl Wetzel Jr Illinois, United States
Jun 14, 2021 09:27

The blade is good quality, the shipment was faster than expected, and the blade was coated in a very thin layer of oil that seems to protect the blade from the sheath while shipping. I really love the details and the blade is a good quality sharpness. I definitely reccomend.

Dedicated Floral Blade Design Real Carbon Steel Purple Ninjato Samurai Swords
Verified Purchase
Kholoud Jabbarin Massachusetts, United States
Jun 09, 2021 05:01

The blade was beautiful, expertly made and strong. I tried cutting stuff with it right after receiving it and it was perfect :). It was a gift for my boyfriend and he loves it so much, he hasn't stopped talking about it.

Handmade 1045 Carbon Steel Real Ichigo Bankai Katana Samurai Swords
Verified Purchase
Jeffrey Whorl Maryland, United States
Jun 09, 2021 02:41

Great sword and good communication from their customer service

Handmade Full Tang Carbon Steel Japanese Samurai Sword Katata
Verified Purchase
Ericka Schwab Michigan, United States
Jun 09, 2021 02:15

It's beautiful, sharp too, I hope u didn't think I was going to hang this though,- im going to use it on trees in mock battles :) we'll see how it holds up,also im hoping it doesn't rust , tho I may have to oil it, ill find out soon.

Handmade Damascus Steel Red Plated Real Katana Japanese Samurai Sword
Verified Purchase
Ronald Johnson Virginia, United States
May 23, 2021 06:10

Very beautiful and detailed craftsmanship. Love this for practicing Iai draws. Do not expect to use this as a bokken! The katana is very light and is not intended for dueling. However, is very nice as a showpiece or for simply practicing draws. I am extremely satisfied with this sword and the attention to detail. I am definitely interested in adding more to my collection. Shipping was laggy but very worth the wait. I highly recommend this to anyone learning Iai or just wants something cool to display.

Handmade Practice Wooden Bokken Japanese Samurai Katana Swords With White Scabbard
Verified Purchase
Muna Hussein Michigan, United States
May 15, 2021 17:24

This thing is so cool. I use it to behead my chickens. I love it.

Handmade Blue Printed Blade Katana Real Katana Japanese Samurai Swords
Verified Purchase