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Handmade Gold Flower Tsuba Japanese Samurai Sword
129.00 USD

Customer Reviews

Jamie L Oconnell North Carolina, United States
Feb 04, 2021 12:31

This katana is magnificent. Great balance and fantastically sharp.

Handmade High Manganese Steel Flower Tsuba Real Japanese Samurai Katana Sword With Silver Scabbard
 Verified Purchase
Ethan Fernandez Louisiana, United States
Jan 13, 2021 04:38

I had order this katana, let me just say it came in about a month it was fast, and was on sale so it was a good price.

Handmade 1095 Steel Rose Gold Blade Carp And Waves Theme Real Japanese Katana Samurai Swords
 Verified Purchase
Paula Musgrove Missouri, United States
Jan 11, 2021 07:18

This sword was a Christmas present for my adult son.
You know the present that you can't wait for someone to open because you are so proud of your gift?
He had casually mentioned he always wanted a sword back in November.
I took that little tidbit of information, and TrueKatana made this a reality.
He loves it!!
He was so surprised and happy with it.
It is flawless, and the stand is perfect as well.
Thank you TrueKatana!!

Handmade 1045 Carbon Steel Japanese Samurai Sword Katata
 Verified Purchase
Zach Wittmeier Kansas, United States
Jan 10, 2021 04:29

High quality blade, no scratches or dents. I reccomend

Handmade Gold Snake Style Golden Blade Cool Katana Real Japanese Samurai Swords
 Verified Purchase
Roger Lockridge West Virginia, United States
Jan 07, 2021 15:19

The only reason I don't choose 5 stars is that the tracking number wasn't correct and I had no reply when I followed up with customer service.

That said, took 8 days and it was as expected. Thank you very much.

Hand Forged Full Tang Blue Blade Dragon Tsuba Real White Katana Samurai Swords
 Verified Purchase
Jody Reaves Tennessee, United States
Dec 28, 2020 18:44

Beautiful! Shipped fast and arrived faster!! The blade was extremely sharp and my husband nearly shit his pants when he received this!! Best Christmas ever!!

Hand-forged Iron Tsuba Manganese Steel Katana Samurai Swords With Bronze Totem Theme Leather Saya
 Verified Purchase
Perla Ramos California, United States
Dec 28, 2020 03:53

It was great! I got it as a Christmas gift for my brother and he loved it! Lots of packaging and protection too, which was great.

One Piece Roronoa Zoro Katana Sword 1045 High Carbon Steel - Black Eyes
 Verified Purchase
Stephen Williamson Ohio, United States
Dec 13, 2020 11:25

Awesome beautiful perfect exactly as described 100% satisfaction with this purchase.

Handmade Manganese Steel Real Black Japanese Ninjato Ninja Swords With Leather Scabbard
 Verified Purchase
Earl Ryan Illinois, United States
Dec 07, 2020 11:27

Very satisfied great craftmanship.

Everything is a tight fit on this sword. Great craftmanship, no blemishes.
This is one beautiful sword. I bought this katana for my son's birthday, he was extremely happy with his gift.


One Piece Roronoa Zoro Sandai Kitetsu 1045 Carbon Steel Katana Samurai Swords
 Verified Purchase
David Morris Washington, United States
Dec 01, 2020 10:06

Beautiful piece of craftsmanship Absolutely love it

Blue Katana, Handmade Blue Blade High Carbon Steel Real Japanese Samurai Swords
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