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Japanese Katana

Whether you are a sword collector or a martial art practitioner, if you are looking for a japanese katana that is a lot more than just a practice piece, you have come to the right place. Our swords are made of quality materials,each sword we make is handmade with care, fully functional, and capable of test cutting. Also if you are considering buying them as collections or gifts for your friends, That would be the best choice.

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Handmade Gold Flower Tsuba Japanese Samurai Sword
139.00 USD

Red Katana

Red Katana Handmade Real Japanese Samurai Swords
199.00 USD

Blue Katana

Gold Katana

Green Katana

Brown Katana

Yellow Katana

White Katana

Black Katana

Handmade Gold Flower Tsuba Japanese Samurai Sword
139.00 USD
Fully Handmade Real Japanese Katana Samurai Swords
229.00 USD
Damascus Steel Handmade Japanese Samurai Sword
199.00 USD

Customer Reviews

Lucia Bernabe Illinois, United States
Jun 25, 2021 11:33

was a perfect gift for my dad on his birthday!! he loved it!! quality is amazing!

Handmade High Manganese Steel Japanese Samurai Katana Sword With Black Scabbard And Dragon Tsuba
Verified Purchase
Declan Thomas Hardy New York, United States
Jun 21, 2021 17:45

Great swords but on the end of one of my swords there was a decent sized dent but im just going to say that was UPS fault. Over all great swords

One Piece Roronoa Zoro Shusui Katana Samurai Sword Replica With Black Scabbard
Verified Purchase
Nicholas Zea Connecticu, United States
Jun 14, 2021 19:26

Very pleased with the total purchase; ordering, delivery and the product quality.

Fully Handmade Pattern Steel Real Chinese Tang Straight Sword Tang Dao With Brown Wooden Scabbard
Verified Purchase
Matthew Edward Robles California, United States
Jun 11, 2021 23:02

Absolutely one of the best things I have ever purchased, 100% worth it!

Real Damascus Steel Red Blade Japanese Katana Samurai Swords With Snake Scabbard
Verified Purchase
Rudolph J Scialo Nevada, United States
Jun 09, 2021 18:57

Very well made, good feel, nice looking, great price.

Handmade Golden Snake Tsuba Real Japanese Katana Samurai Sword
Verified Purchase
Sean J Hunt New Jersey, United States
Jun 09, 2021 06:25

Love my katana. Beautiful and great detail! I'll be back for more! Quick delivery awsome piece

Blue Katana, Handmade Blue Blade High Carbon Steel Real Japanese Samurai Swords
Verified Purchase
Kevin Raul Jaime Orteha California, United States
Jun 08, 2021 20:47

Its an amazing katana made with so much skill, Alot of respect to the person that made this beautiful job!!

Gold Katana, Handmade Real Katana Japanese Samurai Sword
Verified Purchase
Sondra Thompson Tennessee, United States
Jun 07, 2021 05:53

Thanks for such a fast delivery.
Beautiful sword.

Gold Dragon Katana Full Tang Real Japanese Samurai Swords
Verified Purchase
Luke Lytle Colorado, United States
Jun 05, 2021 12:21

Honestly buying this sword was kind of a drunk purchase but I love it... the ladies love it too definitely worth the purchase!

Red High Performance Purple Printed Blade Japanese Katana Samurai Swords
Verified Purchase
Devin Furges New Jersey, United States
Jun 03, 2021 13:55

Other than the minor chipping along the scabbard and the month wait period, the piece is beautiful. The blade has a unique, kind of bubble design. It also has some nice weight to it to give a realistic feel.

Handmade High Manganese Steel Japanese Samurai Katana Sword With Red Scabbard And Snake Tsuba
Verified Purchase