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Real Rayskin Katana

TrueKatana offer you all kinds of handmade authentic real rayskin katana of all types such as t10 katana, 1095 katana, 1060 katana etc, With the only difference being in minute details on the sword as a whole. folded steel, blue carbon steel, 1045 high carbon steel, beige cord handle, orange cord handle, beige scabbard,sandalwood scabbard etc. Tsuba has torsion-fibre tsuba, pine tsuba, copper tsuba etc. You can cut little tree, bamboo, fine iron wire etc., Functionality to satisfy the needs of both the martial artist and the collector. We only carry the best real rayskin katana on the market and are well worth the money.

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Customer Reviews

Kenneth Mcnaughton South Carolina, United States
Jan 10, 2021 09:00

very nice product, no problems. arrived in great condition, quality packaging.

Handmade Damascus Folded Steel Real Copper Tsuba Real Hamon Japanese Wakizashi Samurai Swords
 Verified Purchase
Lees Rodionov Texas, United States
Jan 04, 2021 05:41

My son loves the sword! The quality of the construction is great and the overall appearance is stunning - absolutely worth the price.

Handmade High Manganese Steel Real Japanese Katana Samurai Swords With Black Scabbard
 Verified Purchase
Chad Powers North Carolina, United States
Dec 31, 2020 09:56

Beautiful work fast delivery and packaging done great. No issues all. Will definitely be ordering again

Handmade Blue Plated Blade Real Katana Japanese Samurai Sword
 Verified Purchase
Kristin M Gianfalla Florida, United States
Dec 25, 2020 16:53

This is absolutely gorgeous and beautifully made. I will definitely be ordering more from this company in the future. My son loves it and I am a very satisfied customer.

Handmade High Manganese Steel Blue Blade Full Tang Real Japanese Katana Samurai Swords
 Verified Purchase
John Vincent North Dako, United States
Dec 22, 2020 07:23

Order was processed promptly and delivered in timely manner
Craftsmanship Beautiful

Thank You

Handmade Pattern Steel Red Blade Real Japanese Katana Samurai Sword With Green Scabbard
 Verified Purchase
Alex Higuera Arizona, United States
Nov 28, 2020 22:12

I’m not a sword enthusiast so I can’t say how good it is as an actual sword, but for a decorative sword it is great. It looks great and feels quality. Worth the buy.

Handmade Carbon Steel Japanese Ninjato Samurai Sword Ninja Sword Straight Katana
 Verified Purchase
Steve Harris Oklahoma, United States
Nov 03, 2020 06:05

A great quality sword, packaged well and not too long on shipping. Didn’t see any defects or problems, came very sharp will cut paper when I hold it up. Very happy with it I’m sure I’ll order other ones in the future!

Handmade Full Tang Carbon Steel Real Katana Samurai Swords With Red Scabbard
 Verified Purchase
Alexander Ciaciarelli New Jersey, United States
Oct 21, 2020 19:58

Absolutely stunning, and worth every cent. Looks exactly like the photographs. Nice weight overall, the sheath is solid hardwood, full-tang blade is fairly sharp damascus steel, and the hilt is wrapped with real rayskin. A battle-ready work of art!

Handmade Gilt Lotus Leaf Tsuba Theme Real Katana Japanese Samurai Swords
 Verified Purchase
Jasper Clutter Wisconsin, United States
Sep 30, 2020 10:14

Im very glad this game! it was well worth the wait. it is very well made and balanced in the swing. well done.

Silver Sakura Tsuba Theme Handmade Straight Katana Real Ninjato Ninja Swords
 Verified Purchase
Brian Foley Oregon, United States
Sep 10, 2020 20:18

Everything about the sword was incredible. One teeny tiny issue: the handle wrap came off quickly. But don't hold this against the sword or the maker, it has been used to a ridiculous end, so wear is going to happen. Will be ordering more swords from TrueKatana.

Black Samurai Theme Hand Forged Real Hamon Japanese Samurai Katana Swords
 Verified Purchase